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Zhejiang Decoration No Across The Board From The Center City Of Pilot
- Dec 13, 2016 -

On September 10, 2016, the Office of the Zhejiang Provincial people's Government issued the Declaration on promoting green building and construction industrialization development of implementing rules clear since October 1, 2016, the central urban area of city, County, Zhejiang Province, sell or transfer land new homes, all fully decorated and finished product delivery to encourage actively implementing full decoration of housing under construction. But specific details have been eagerly looking forward.

Recently, the Office of housing and urban-rural construction in Zhejiang Province held a press conference, Zhu Yongbin, the Zhejiang building industry authority on the latest on accelerating the full decoration of housing issued guidelines for interpretation of the work.

Implementation is not blanket

Concept of decoration and decoration is different. Full decoration mainly involves the hard part of the House, all function space of fixed sides, pavement or painting is completed, all kitchen and bathroom equipment installation is complete.

The guidance makes it clear: full decoration to implement a menu-style decoration combined with personalized service and meet the individual needs of homeowners. Construction unit should provide more than 3 sets to each apartment decoration design, each programme should provide a selection of menu of materials and equipment meet environmental standards.

Main decoration in the delivery of real estate in the past, developers generally set after delivery of the good standard of decoration and style, buyers can only passively.

But the new guidelines, homeowners in front of the main works of the project acceptance, their individual requirements to inform developers, meet the requirements of the premise, decoration design by the developers are adjusted accordingly.

It is reported that the full decoration of housing is not the scope of "one size fits all".

"Implementation of full decoration Center City limits how much big, block what do fully finished planning approval can see that not all houses are fully decorated, can also have rough parts houses do. "Zhejiang building industry Authority said.

"The pilot of fully delivered from the central area, and then extended to all cities and counties. "The official said, the specific scope and time, confirmed by year's end in the urban areas, counties and cities are confirmed before the end of June next year.