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What Is Infrastructure?
- Dec 13, 2016 -

Municipal infrastructure is an important guarantee for building material civilization and spiritual civilization of the city. Municipal infrastructure is the Foundation of urban development of the city, is continuing to ensure urban sustainable development one of the key facilities. It is mainly composed of transportation, water supply, drainage, gas, sanitation, power supply, communications, disaster preparedness and other engineering systems.

But for specific projects vary, excerpts from several kinds of statements.

(A) the urban roads and facilities: city vehicles into the bicycle lane, sidewalks, public car parks, plazas, and pipeline corridors and safe passage, road shoulders, guardrails, edge Strip, street signs, road, roads, green space and other ancillary facilities of roads.

(B) bridge of the city and its facilities: bridges, tunnels, culverts, overpasses, pedestrian bridges and bridge and culvert of other ancillary facilities.

(C) drainage of the city: urban storm water pipes, sewage pipes, rain sewage Confluence pipes, drains and drainage pumping stations, wastewater treatment plants and other ancillary facilities.