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Villa Decoration Design Six Taboo
- Dec 13, 2016 -

Villa decoration design taboo: taboo to

A lot of people very well, but because the thrift, could not bear to replace obsolete furniture. Therefore, outdated furniture and popular decoration, very uncoordinated.

Villa decoration design taboo II: avoid big furniture in small rooms

As in a house inside a giant of the indomitable spirit of furniture and painted deep colors, is undermining the overall shape of the House complete; the second is the proportion of housing imbalance; third, hamper Visual sense of refreshing; four-bogey floor color and furniture color coordination. Large blocks of color, must be in harmony, such as color depth of job is too large and will affect the results.

Villa decoration design taboo III: avoid floor color is not uniform

Colors collage materials for flooring, it's easy to produce neat Visual effects, but also gave people a sense of bias, leading to wrestling.

Villa decoration design taboo IV: cream bedroom decoration is luxurious

Bedroom is a place to rest, too busy, tacky, and affect the quality of sleep.

Five Villa decoration design taboo: avoid heavy ceiling too thick too tight, the color is too deep, too loud

Buildings now have higher low, this will give people a feeling of depression, filled, Burke. Excessively "luxurious" leading to tendency of Ballroom, quiet bedroom overstaffed complex lost beauty of warm static bedroom.

Villa decoration design taboo VI: avoid messy display color, with a complicated

In the same room with a variety of furnishings, color clutter, no beauty.