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Villa Decoration Design Considerations
- Dec 13, 2016 -

Villa decoration design considerations, and the gap between floor and door isn't

Between the floor and the door gap is not enough, could lead to renovation cannot lay a thick carpet. This is due to early as a result of measurement is not detailed enough, but also some small renovation company common mistake.

Cracked: when measuring the dimensions of the door in the early, must fully take into account the thickness of the flooring, floor tiles, mats, set aside in advance sewn.

Villa decoration design considerations for two less reserved, sockets, unable to meet the demand

Villa decoration, hydro-part of the problem is the most troublesome. Concealed works of hydropower are staying later if there is a problem it is difficult to remedy. Most susceptible to troubles is too few electrical outlets reserved, unable to meet the growing number of appliances in the home category. Back line, open an unattractive appearance, while the dark wall, in short, is in trouble.

Cracked: the decoration, taking into account the need to purchase new appliances in the future an outlet, as much as possible, prevent the development of outlets can't keep up with electrical. If you use LCD TV at home, better stay out of the wall outlet location; if it is going to go cables or wire around some fake flowers, as a remedy.

Villa decoration design considerations for three, heavy chandeliers, keel burden

The crystal chandelier in the living room, is one of the most dazzling visual focus in the Villa. But a lot of decoration companies when the ceiling joist, ignore the Crystal light weight, when it was discovered that the keel of the final lamp can not afford, or barely can be installed, it left a security risk.

Crack: light weight resin lamp is a good choice. If you must install Crystal lamps, ceiling can be dug and expansion bolts on top of the original play, hit the hook, the last hanging lamps.

Villa decoration design considerations for four, only wardrobe space

Only a two-room apartment, the average person has only two bedrooms, big wardrobes, and not try to "squeeze" a separate space to do stuff. In future, with the increase in clothing, the two cabinets is definitely not enough, in the summer is desperately crowded closet.

Designers solve: storage storage capabilities after the design phase will be fully taken into account, is very popular nowadays in the limited space in the design as a whole locker or closet, you need to meet the future