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The Meaning Of Civil Engineering
- Dec 13, 2016 -

"Civil engineering": civil engineering, civil engineering and building works in General. Is a door for human life, and production, and protection, activities built various facilities and places of engineering subject, covers has ground, and underground, and land, and water Shang, and water inferior the category within of housing, and road, and railway, and airport, and bridge, and water, and port, and tunnel, and to drainage, and protection, all engineering range within of facilities and places within of buildings, and structures, and engineering real of construction, its both including engineering built process in the of survey, and design, and construction, and conservation, and management, the technology activities, and including built process in the by consumption of material, and Equipment and supplies.

Civil construction involved in all walks of life, activities and development of the national economy, there is no room for civil engineering and construction activities and places, there would be no existence and development of all trades. This suggests the importance of civil engineering, it is also called the civil engineering and construction of infrastructure.

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