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Office Decoration Visual Design
- Jul 04, 2017 -

Office decoration visual design

First, visual design

In today's interior design, this concept is proposed, requiring the office decoration designers to consider the various relationships in the design and handle the visual center. Space vision is a multidimensional world, and when people perceive visual objects, they are influenced by vision and control, viewpoint, line of sight affect visual perception, and visual consciousness state also affects visual perception.

There are three kinds of visual work state: one is the unconscious visual scan; the second is unconscious gaze; third is a conscious visual analysis, that is, towards the selected target to observe the past. In general, the visual scan is close to the front, the first in the back, but in many cases this situation will be affected.

In the case of furnishings for office decoration, for example, the decorations on the walls are linked in turn, starting from the general visual order, but there are actually a few prominent modifications that will first jump into the observer's field of view. In this way, the visual order first determines the orientation of the person, the face-to-face visual objects are first perceived, and in the vision of the person, when the person's vision undergoes an unconscious scan, the person's eyes are generally stuck in the most attractive On the visual object. People have such a sense of self-perception, can quickly capture the visual eye-catching objects, the strongest part of which will become a visual center. So the formation of the visual center depends on the level of its artistic quality and designer's design intent.

Second, the design requirements

A successful office interior design, need to be divided in the room, plane layout, interface processing, lighting and lighting, color selection, atmosphere and other aspects of the building for the overall consideration.

1. The layout of the plane should take into account the size of the furniture and equipment occupied by the staff, the use of furniture and equipment necessary range of activities, all types of office combinations required size.

2. According to the use of air conditioning, artificial lighting and sound requirements and people in the space room in the psychological needs of the office of the indoor net height should generally be within the scope of 2.4-2.6m. Ordinary office height of not less than 2.6m, the use of air conditioning office height of not less than 2.4m. Intelligent office room height for the Class A 2.7m, B class 2.6m, C class 2.5m.

3. Office indoor interface should be concise and clean, to create a quiet atmosphere, and should take into account the ease of laying the various pipelines, replacement, maintenance, connectivity and other needs. The height of the partition and the screen should be based on the size of the work unit and office group to make a reasonable choice.

According to the target combination, regardless of the type of office, in the office design should meet the following basic requirements:

(1) in line with business reality. Some companies regardless of their own production and operation and human and material resources, blindly pursue the office of high-end luxury style, this approach is a certain problem.

(2) meet the industry characteristics. For example, five-star hotels and school-run technology enterprises are divided into different industries, so the office in the decoration, furniture, supplies, decorations, sound and light effects should be significantly different, if the school-run office layout And the same hotel, is undoubtedly very funny.