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Office Decoration Spatial Division
- Sep 19, 2017 -

Office decoration Spatial division

First, the choice of office furniture

Why should Xiaobian put this in the first place? Because in the early office design, is to be divided into office space, and many companies will do office partition. Plus there are many lines and sockets in the office, this time we need to determine how many tables and chairs and other space, the size of these furniture is very important. Read these people should understand that the construction drawings need to be carefully confirmed, the construction can enter the construction stage Oh!

 Second, the office decoration of the water and electricity acceptance

In fact, in the middle of the office decoration, water and electricity are acceptance, but because the hydropower project is involved in a lot of things, like waterway accessories, electrical accessories, lamps, and so on a series of installation problems, so after the completion of the period, Acceptance is still one of the key points of acceptance. Circuit installation acceptance is mainly through the lamp test light, switch test control to see the lighting, power is not normal, the owner can also use electrician professional test pen on each socket to test to see if it is power, and then open the switch to see if there is There is no house for the problem.

Third, the office construction stage

To the beginning of the formal construction of the time, the customer must not be completely big to the decoration company, be sure to look at the office of the water pipes are not leaking phenomenon. First need to see is the location of joints and elbows there is no water droplets or leakage, you can take a paper towel wipe joints, elbow detection. There are also many places to see, such as the ground, the walls are weak and need to check the Oh!

 The above is the decoration to introduce the office decoration design method, in addition to the above Xiaobian introduced three points, we must also consider the fire in this regard. Since it is the office decoration, then there will certainly be changes in the place, such as strong and weak, the ceiling of the smoke detectors and so on. Most companies can help customers solve the fire problem, so customers do not understand the place must be clear. In addition, the decoration warm tips: office wiring, the actual measurement, reserved switches, sockets, lines to the detailed planning to the drawings, must be strictly in accordance with the standards after the construction of the audit.