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Office Decoration Simplicity
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Office decoration simplicity

Office is a place for handling a specific transaction, or provide services, and decorate a design to the right company, enterprise culture, office decoration style also can reflect the characteristics of its users, office decoration quality directly affect the entire enterprise, the company image, so as to raise the level of science and technology to the requirement of office decoration is no longer simply an independent space for personal use, more is to embody the contracted, fashionable, comfortable, practical experience, let the body in which people with positive pursuit for life and work.

In does not affect by the principle of confidentiality, expand the scope of open office as far as possible, so as to encourage the staff communication and cooperation, promote the staff about the pursuit of knowledge, creativity, and the production efficiency, reflect enterprise open consciousness. In order to meet the requirements of use, a large number of departments or companies shall be divided into and partitioned according to their respective office modes so as to make a reasonable relationship to both internal and external affairs. In terms of general company, foreign relations close department, located at the bottom or near the building elevator, relatively few outside contact and secrecy departments, should be arranged in the upper or close to the building of the tail. Close departments should be close to each other, and the main leaders' offices should be in convenient contact with the secretariat and meeting rooms. Improve the flexibility of office buildings and adapt to the development and change of the situation. Try to make use of the furniture that can move as far as possible, if the screen that can assemble in all directions, can push pull of partition, even have the table ark of scroll wheel etc.

Open-plan offices first appeared in Europe and then became popular. Many companies focus their employees on an area that doesn't have a fully enclosed partition, and companies are more likely to use oversize desks. This kind of work environment is said to facilitate the exchange of employees, which can stimulate creativity, cultivate an open career mindset and, of course, save office expenses for the boss. Open office space is very convenient for our work. As a whole, the firm room lends to the office to create a more friendly atmosphere. What are the advantages of open office decoration? Why is it popular in the west?

1. Promote competition and new learning plans:

In the office in decorating, if adopted a closed office space, staff can go to a lazy or spend time doing private things, this kind of behavior is not allowed by the enterprises, the production efficiency of enterprises has a lot of obstacles, if decorate a design in the process of using in the office is open office space, to supervise each other between colleagues, competition, competition, etc., this will lead to enterprise production efficiency is greatly improved, because they work in an open space, you can see colleagues do, also can know colleagues' work in progress, it can encourage our colleagues to learn new skills, between continuous competition between colleagues.