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Office Decoration Flexible Use
- Jul 18, 2017 -

Office decoration Flexible use

1. Flexible use of office space

The flexibility of office space in the decoration design is a can not be ignored aspects, that can change the size of space scale, can also form a new space effect, resulting in a new space atmosphere, affecting people's psychological feelings. The big feature of office space utilization is versatility. The use of space flexibility, there are several commonly used methods.

1, flexible use of activities cut off

The activity cut off can divide a space into many small spaces. The entire office space can be divided into the partition can be high can be short, separated from the space can be closed can also be semi-transparent, flexible to meet the needs of different use.

2, the rational distribution of activities ceiling

The movable ceiling can be lifted or translated by means of a mechanical device to change the scale and proportions of the interior space, and even the ceiling can be moved into open or semi-open forms of office space, giving both peculiar psychological satisfaction and at the same time Multi-functional requirements.

3, clever use of the ground

Through the ground lift, stretching, both can enrich the function of the use of time and space changes, but also change the nature of its use of the function.

4, pay attention to light changes

In some indoor space, through the lighting changes can also form a different use effect. Because the different functions, the requirements of the light is not the same: the meeting room has a meeting room requirements, the office area has office area requirements, multi-function hall with multi-function hall requirements ... ... sometimes, in the space lighting design, Taking into account these factors, so as to better make the space to meet the flexibility and a variety of requirements. 2. Safety considerations before the decoration of the office

The first thing to note is the safe use of the building structure, and good by the structural design experts to solve. Designers do not consider the security issues, the design will not work or out of security issues. The general civil building floor load is designed according to 1.5 ~ 2.5kN / ㎡, that is, the load does not exceed 150KG / ㎡; if it is floating space, should seek the views of structural designers, office space are located in the building beam ; Other overweight structures or facilities should be re-designed by the structural experts load-bearing or connection structure.

1. Fire safety, due to various equipment and materials, various standards and norms, it should be responsible for the professionals. Layout, in the office decoration construction are generally subject to the public security fire department approval and acceptance. Office re-layout of the re-layout will appear many new intervals and channels.

2. In each floor of the building, in addition to the main door, but also leave a safe exit, security doors should be open to the fire door. Some of the larger offices, such as 50 to 60 square meters, the use of more staff, so there can be two or more of the door. If there is only one door, the width should be more than 1.4m; more than 60 square meters of the room or channel length of more than 14m of the room must have more than two of the door; national fire regulations, evacuation channel width should not be less than 1.1m The.