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Municipal Infrastructure Traffic Signs
- Sep 07, 2017 -

municipal infrastructure Traffic signs

Introduction to traffic facilities

 Section 1 Traffic Signs Article 15.1.1 The traffic signs are divided into two main categories: the main sign and the auxiliary mark. The main signs are divided into the following four functions: First, the warning signs: warning drivers and pedestrians pay attention to the front of the road traffic safety hazard signs. Second, the ban signs: prohibit or restrict the vehicle, pedestrian traffic signs. Third, the signs: instructions vehicles and pedestrians of the signs. Fourth, guiding signs: the direction of the road, to reach the location, distance and other information signs. The auxiliary mark is attached to the main mark and can not be used alone. Supplementary signs Supplement to the main signs of vehicle type, time range, range or distance and warning, the reasons for the ban. Article 15.1.2 The traffic sign setting principle is as follows: 1. The traffic sign should be set in the eye-catching position where the driver and pedestrian are easy to see and can accurately interpret it. According to the need to set the lighting or use reflective, light-emitting signs. Second, a variety of signs are generally set in the direction of the vehicle road or the right side of the separation zone. Signs can not penetrate the road construction boundaries, the lower edge of the face to the ground height of 1.8 ~ 2.5m. Third, the roadside logo should be reduced signs face the driver's glare. The board should be perpendicular to the center line or at an angle. The warning or warning mark is 0 ° ~ 10 °, the prohibition or indication is 0 ° ~ 15 °, see Figure 15.1.2. Fourth, the same place to be set up more than two signs, can be combined to install a sign on the column, but should not exceed four, the logo should not contradict the content, repeat. Let the road signs, lift the speed limit signs, lift the ban on overtaking signs should be set separately. Article 15.1.3 The location of the various signs is as follows: First, the warning signs should be set before entering the plane crossing, sharp, steep, reverse curve from the end, near the mountain road, narrow bridge, narrow road, Slippery, tunnels, traffic accidents and other dangerous places before the road. The warning signs to the dangerous point are shown in Table 15.1.3. Second, the ban signs should be set to limit the speed, limit the axis, limit the height, limit the width, prohibit the whistle, prohibit parking, prohibit the left turn, prohibit the right turn, prohibit U-turn, prohibit overtaking, prohibit a vehicle or all vehicles The Third, the indicator mark set at the intersection of the entrance to indicate the direction of the vehicle before driving, lane categories, as well as crosswalks, allowed to test the brakes, allowed to turn on the road and so on.

 Fourth, the road signs should be set in the cross from the plane 30 ~ 50m, specify the direction, reach the location, distance. The interchangeable three-dimensional crossover sign is set at the appropriate position before the crossover. The road brand is set between the intersection and the distance between the two intersections. Article 15.1.4 traffic signs support a single column, double column, cantilevered, door and attached. One of the following circumstances, you can use cantilevered or door type: First, the line of sight is limited, no place to set the ground mark. Second, single-way multi-lane of the road.