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Municipal Infrastructure Equipment Installation Works
- Jun 06, 2017 -

Municipal infrastructure projects refer to civil works, pipelines and equipment installation works for urban roads, public transport, water supply, drainage, gas, heat, garden, sanitation, sewage treatment, waste disposal, flood control, underground public facilities and ancillary facilities.

The contents of "municipal infrastructure" mainly include construction management and technical information, construction record, construction inspection (test) record, quality inspection information, quality assessment information and other five parts, each part of the more typical, commonly used inspection (test) test form In accordance with the "Recommended Form 99 to 66 basic requirements and description 99 ~ 66 inspection and judgment" to be described in the order. "Municipal infrastructure" can be used for on-site construction, technical, supervision, management and quality inspection, quality supervisors; can also be used as training materials for on-site construction technology; also as municipal engineering construction management and civil engineering institutions and urban construction Institutions and other related professional teachers and students learning reference.

 1 municipal infrastructure conservation project management In order to strengthen the management and management of municipal infrastructure in Linzi District, give full play to the functions of municipal infrastructure, according to the "People's Republic of China Government Procurement Law", "People's Republic of China Construction Law", "People's Republic of China Bidding Law" , And other relevant provisions, for the Linzi District municipal infrastructure conservation work of the actual situation, do a good job in Linzi District municipal infrastructure conservation project management. First, the municipal infrastructure conservation project management Municipal infrastructure refers to the government financial investment in the construction of the road and transport facilities, drainage facilities (including pumping stations, sewage treatment facilities), flood control facilities, air defense facilities, lighting facilities and other public facilities The 1, the degree of complexity of municipal maintenance projects, the relevant personnel to participate in, over-reliance on the environment, its construction schedule requirements are higher, the schedule is relatively compact, in winter construction, the cost of investment than other seasons larger. 2, in the municipal conservation project, the project quality requirements are higher, the need to strictly abide by the relevant norms, and has a relatively strong political factors. It is relatively high in the market utility facilities, traffic, people are relatively concentrated, related to the daily life of the masses and a good image of the city, its quality will directly affect people's lives and property safety issues and social benefits. 3, in the municipal conservation project, the project on the investment management requirements are higher, municipal maintenance project capital investment, it requires not only the relevant managers to optimize the scale of investment, as much as possible to save the state investment, but also requires managers based onspecificfundsCoordinatethesituation, timely adjustment of the project plan. 4, in the construction of municipal maintenance projects, often there are some uncertain factors in the construction process vulnerable to external factors, such as raw material prices, weather and so on. There are also uncertainties related to its engineering, such as the interests of its stakeholders: supervisors, owners, contractors; there are many uncertainties in the construction of the project itself. 5, municipal maintenanceandconstruction projects involved in the professional types are more, including roads, bridges, drainage, street lamps, green, Sheung Shui, communications and other projects, the source of funds is not easy, the need for cross-sectoral, cross-sectoral coordination.