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Municipal Infrastructure According To Municipal Planning
- Aug 15, 2017 -

municipal infrastructure According to municipal planning

The municipal infrastructure is an important part of the municipal activities. It is the implementation stage of the planning and design. It is the construction of various public facilities and undertakings organized by the city government according to the overall plan of the municipal planning, such as roads, drainage, bridges and so on. Urban economy, to facilitate the public production and living environment, and promote the city's material civilization and spiritual civilization development. The content of the municipal infrastructure is dynamic, and the construction of municipal engineering is only the traditional concept of municipal infrastructure and belongs to its important content.

Municipal infrastructure has its own distinctive characteristics. One is social. Rely on social investment and social forces to build and maintain, the funds must be mainly urban public financial support, it can not bring direct economic benefits, the investment effect is mainly social and environmental benefits, is long and macro. This also requires the city government to have a stable and reliable financial investment. Second is sharing. It is not for a specific unit or object services, but for the entire urban units and residents, sharing and can not "exclusive", as in the past development of residential drainage system "small and complete", the unit courtyard facilities "large and complete" , Must be resolved by a unified approach to avoid duplication. Three is fixed. Municipal infrastructure cycle is longer, more costly, once completed, it is difficult to change, the impact of long-term, must be coordinated with the overall development of the city, co-ordinate, so as not to digging fill, repeated toss. Four is basic. Modern cities can not be separated from the modern municipal facilities to meet the necessary conditions for the production of urban life for the urban labor force to provide the necessary conditions for reproduction, not optional, can be less "subsidiary" construction, but basic And focus on the status.

Many scholars at home and abroad from the political science, administration, urban management and other angles, the concept of the city to analyze and define the main urban government, urban administration, urban affairs, urban policy, and many other different or incomplete The same explanation. The so-called urban regime says that the city as a city regime, as the country's entire local regime as an integral part. The so-called urban administration, that is, the municipal understanding of the city's administrative management. The so-called urban politics, that is, from the political point of view emphasizes the political nature of government activities, emphasizing the close relationship between politics and administration, the city as the city's political decision-making and administrative enforcement activities. The so-called urban affairs, that is, the city will simply understand the road traffic, health education, water supply, forest greening and other municipal projects, municipal infrastructure, urban utilities and its management.