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Hotel Design Room Decor Decoration Promotion Of Personality Services
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Hotel Design Room Decor Decoration Promotion of personality services

The competition of hotel industry has been turned from scale competition to cultural competition, and theme hotels have gradually become the new favorite. The theme is conducive to the hotel's unique culture, rich product supply, promotion of personalized service, enhancing the consumption experience and overcoming homogenous competition, which undoubtedly becomes one of the new trends in the development of the restaurant industry in the future.

Completes the theming market demand is the hotel design and development of the power and vitality, feasibility and must be made at the market not on the basis of feasibility analysis, determine the target market, make accurate location. According to the theme of the market. Different market environments and different cultural backgrounds can produce different themes. When the local culture has a long history, deep, in a strong aura, other cultures will be annihilated, digestion, and even excluded, with its open multiple consumer market, consumer groups and consumer psychology of making an unexpected discovery that has a lot to do.

Secondly, we should divide vertically. Every cultural theme has its special fans and admirers, which determines that each theme hotel has its unique customer base.

The theme hotel should be good at subdividing the market, making vertical segmentation, focusing on it, willing to give up, and doing what is not good. Want to be a meeting market, want to do business market again, also do not give up recreational market at the same time, "sample pass, sample is loose", it is to break market taboo. It is the inexhaustible driving force of theme hotels to make a real theme, and choose the theme, which is to choose the characteristics, choose the personality, choose the difference, reject the homogenization, and go to the blue sea from the red sea.

Be sure to make a lateral extension of the topic. It is to extend the theme hotel design from eating, living and other core functions to the related functions such as travel, purchase and entertainment. Secondly, we should make a longitudinal extension of the theme. No theme is likely to be once and for all. The subject matter should be constantly adjusted, enriched, refined and recycled as the market changes. On the one hand, can avoid the fatigue of the old customers, on the other hand, the only constant innovation, to "if it new, new, and the new", on the basis of the demand creates new needs.

But at the end of the day, the theme hotel interior design should cater to the market, meet the consumer's preferences, or a lot of design requirements, so that it can be better run. Naisi noted that the hotel operates mainly in four major parts: guest rooms, catering, services and derivatives.

1, guest room according to the different consumer preferences and demand of market segment, under the overall theme, can design different themes, such as the ladies room, men's room, couples room, old person room, meeting room and so on. The setting of these rooms will greatly reduce the shortcoming of the narrow market of the single subject.

2. Service service is the software part of the theme hotel, including the dress decoration, service language, background music, telephone ringtone, TV and leaflet, etc.

3, derivatives derivatives operation is an important part of theme hotel stretched industrial, can enhance the connotation and denotation of theme hotel, but also can promote the propaganda of theme hotel, therefore, subject to determine the proper development of derivatives, can realize the theme hotel industry and its related derivative industry symbiotic win-win situation.