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Hotel Design Room Decor Decoration Feature Design
- Sep 27, 2017 -

Hotel Design Room Decor Decoration feature design

Hotel design contains the main content of the hotel's functional design, the hotel's style design, the hotel's three aspects of human design, the following three aspects of the hotel design content.

In the design process, the need for a sequence, that is, the first function, the second style, the third of humanity; but in the overall concept, these three elements need to think together, unified arrangements, regardless of success, division of labor is clear Or missing Function and style to meet the consumer's material needs and spiritual needs, and human design is the material and spiritual integration of the results of the embodiment and deep processing process.

Hotel features, style and user-friendly design of these three elements are interdependent, mutual influence. One of the shortcomings, or only one side, will make the hotel design short-term decline, even if added more detailed and more in-depth design, will leave regret.

In the hotel design, grasp the three aspects of the design content of the scale, give full play to the role of these areas, you can create a warm, user-friendly hotel space. Of course, the design of the hotel room design is particularly important, these three aspects of the content at the same time for the hotel room design and service, functional design is the foundation. Hotel design is the hotel can be based on the key to the hotel industry, and hotel culture is the hotel design and decoration of the essential elements, the following mainly for everyone in the hotel design hotel culture.

Hotel culture is through the hotel design to show the way. The external culture of the hotel, the performance of the hotel in the highly developed modern diversification, and promote the continuous development of hotel design. With the development of society, the hotel design has developed into a variety of types: a comprehensive function of the city center hotels, conference hotels, business hotels, resorts, apartment hotels and motels, the more popular is the theme of the hotel design.

The inherent culture of the hotel is reflected in the cultural and artistic development of the hotel design. Successful hotel design can not only meet the functional requirements of the use, more importantly, have different regional and cultural, not only embodies the practicality, embodies a hotel connotation, to meet people's spiritual needs and cultural tastes.

Environmental protection, green, sustainable hotel design, hotel design is the direction of development. Hotel design should hold high the banner of environmental protection, green and sustainable development, adhere to absorb the local, national and folk maternal culture, the hotel reflects a unique cultural personality, which requires designers to understand the project location of the local culture, National culture, history and culture, etc., can accurately and rationally locate the hotel's cultural connotation, so as to bring the guests physical, emotional, spiritual perfect experience.