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Hotel Design Room Decor Decoration Design Style
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Hotel Design Room Decor Decoration design style

In recent years, with the rapid development of the hotel industry, the hotel decoration design style is also ever-changing, and boutique hotel decoration style compared to five-star hotel less investment, but the decorative design is very fine, the hotel decoration design style for the fine, both Attracting business personnel can also attract visitors and other tourists. The boutique hotel is called boutique, because this type of hotel can be a good reflection of the essence of similar products, and such hotels in the decorative design will often be the geographical environment, local culture and the characteristics of the perfect combination of the hotel , So that consumers feel the hotel's boutique fashion at the same time, but also to the passenger's life is full of fun. Boutique hotel decoration design to the perfect practicality and natural art together, to the customer to bring comfort and convenience to use the feeling, this is the other hotel decoration design is not, so we talk about today's boutique hotel decoration in the end performance in the end What aspects?

First, the boutique hotel decoration design innovation

Hotel decoration design is the most taboo is the copy of the design concept of others, steal the concept of design out of the boutique hotel and can not become a boutique. Designers for the boutique hotel decoration design, the first will consider the location of the hotel, the boutique is not only the current fashion elements decorated into the hotel design, but to pay attention to the quality of life of consumers pay attention, in the boutique hotel, consumption Who can feel the design of the details and design sense, to have original, with a unique boutique hotel decoration design in order to win the consumer's favorite.

Second, the boutique hotel decoration design more comfortable

In my opinion, the boutique hotel decoration design is not only the hotel simply as a hotel to design, but should be designed to the same hotel and the same feeling, this hotel can not let people feel comfortable? Boutique hotel is simple and natural, but also tranquil and comfortable, the designer of the hotel surrounding environment, space layout, color matching, furniture furnishings, light and shadow applications, soft accessories and other aspects of in-depth thinking, the hotel's interior space design concept, So that a day of customer service into a comfortable leisure space, as a kind of home feeling, even if the work outside, travel or learning can find a sense of belonging to home, this boutique hotel decoration design is successful of.

Third, the fine hotel decoration design of the intelligent

The hotel's consumer groups have become the current 80, 90, the typical characteristics of these consumers is easy to accept new things, fashion has a keen insight, and a full sense of the design of a soft feeling, the hotel Intelligent has become a trend in hotel decoration design. So the boutique hotel decoration design can not be simply to provide customers with digital TV as intelligent, the future boutique hotel decoration design is to allow customers through the phone can remotely control the hotel room air conditioning system, the brightness of the light and bath Water temperature and so on.