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Hotel Design Room Decor Decoration Construction Need To Pay Attention
- Sep 19, 2017 -

Hotel Design Room Decor Decoration Construction need to pay attention

Hotel decoration design at the beginning, should be fully combined with the hotel's business scale, business projects and customer groups of the basic situation, around the hotel market positioning, process design, management, overall layout and other management activities, the hotel decoration design Layout work to do the best, in order to achieve "both to the hotel's customers to enjoy the visual beauty, but also to maximize the hotel's management to provide the greatest convenience" effect. Here we come to talk about the hotel decoration decoration construction need to pay attention to the relevant issues it! First, the hotel walkway construction considerations

In the hotel room walkway decoration construction, how do we give the guests to create a peaceful and quiet atmosphere? Here we are from the aisle door installation, walkway lighting design and material selection and other aspects of the elaboration.

Hotel walkway in the door when the installation can be concave into the wall, but can not be too deep, the best control in the 450 cm or so, too deep, if the guests open the door, happened to meet other guests from the door before And be shocked, easy to lose a sense of security. The recessed part of the door allows guests to open the door without affecting the other guests walking.

Hotel walkway lighting design, neither too bright, too dark, to soften the glare. In the lighting design, we can consider the use of wall or wall light reflection lighting, for example: the top of the door is best to design a door light, so that guests feel the service thoughtful.

Hotel walkway, the choice of wall decoration materials to consider the late maintenance and service life, walkway try not to use light-colored carpet, and to choose a durable and durable carpet, the wall of the skirting board can be properly done higher, Can be done about 200 cm height, so as not to hit the side of the luggage carts. Second, the hotel ceiling construction precautions

Now the hotel decoration design, are inseparable from the hanging ceiling, whether it is the hotel lobby or room living room has a ceiling installation, then the ceiling installation construction need to pay attention to what matters?

Hotel ceiling installation before construction, we must first pay attention to the choice of decoration materials, decoration materials is the best flame retardant materials, such as the choice of wood materials, need to do a good job of fire and corrosion treatment. Because the ceiling which are generally laid lighting, air conditioning and other electrical lines easily lead to fire hazards.

Second, the installation of the ceiling when the ceiling, to set the maintenance hole, such as the ceiling of the pipeline equipment failure, no maintenance holes, will not be able to check or repair. Therefore, in the laying of the pipeline ceiling or set the maintenance hole as well, the maintenance hole can be selected in the more hidden and easy to check the site.