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Hotel Design Room Decor Decoration Business Philosophy Increasingly Humane
- Jun 13, 2017 -

Hotel Design Room Decor Decoration Business philosophy increasingly humane

The original hotel decoration design is limited to the completion of the hotel interior and exterior of the various landscaping, and now the hotel decoration design has been given a new meaning, referring to the same area, with the same level of hotel market, the brutal competition, research has changed Of the source market, competitors and the hotel's own resources constraints, and the region for some time in the future period of the dynamic changes in the source market to make a forward-looking forecast. Based on the results of the survey, segment the market, filter the source, lock the target customer base. To meet the customer base physiology, psychological needs as the goal, to identify the hotel's existing environment and facilities of various functional defects, based on the adjusted market, culture, function of the three major positioning, to improve the function, make up for the necessary funds for the basis of defects , To determine the total investment in investment, investment recovery plan. In the total investment constraints, the development of the overall design, and from the financing to the opening of the whole process of restructuring and implementation. So that the hotel after the transformation, in the same industry competition, occupy a more favorable strategic position, so as to quickly recover the funds to improve the core competitiveness of the means.

Hotel (or hotel) the emergence of the hotel from the 1400 BC around the prototype of the hotel - the inn count, has 600 years of development

Although China is also the first country in the world to come to the hotel, but the real representative of the Chinese hotel was born in 1900, Beijing Hotel and then built in Shanghai Bund, the completion of the Chinese hotel, especially since China's reform and opening up. Market economy, the rapid development of tourism economy for the Chinese hotel industry has brought unprecedented opportunities.

China's modern hotel industry development history is not long, but the development of fast. After the liberation, China first renovated the old hotel, the establishment of a number of hotels, guest houses, since the opening up policy, vigorously develop the tourism industry, China's modern hotel industry has been an unprecedented development.

From 1978 to date, China's hotel industry has undergone four stages, and now our hotel industry is gradually to the professional, group, intensive management and management forward. By 2002, there were 300,000 lodging enterprises, 8880 star hotels, 84,000 social hotels, 183,000 hotels, and 20,000 hotels in other forms. With the gradual adjustment of the source market, accommodation companies will be based on different market positioning, and constantly adjust the direction of business, the market tends to segment, business hotels, conference hotels, resorts, hotels and other hotels have gradually become the mainstream of the industry.

According to the main features of the development of modern hotels, the development of modern hotels will show the following trends: business philosophy increasingly humane, both from design, management, management and services are guests first; products from the unified to diversification, standardization to personalized ; The form of the hotel tends to be large and small, small and specialized, the type of diversification, hotel facilities are changing; industrial structure of the group, more flexible operation; management increasingly scientific and modern.