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Decoration Villa Swimming Pool Decor The Use Of Different Occasions
- Oct 20, 2017 -

Decoration Villa Swimming Pool Decor The use of different occasions

■ Swimming pool type

A, because of its use on different occasions is divided into: the standard pool for the game and leisure, entertainment as one of the shaped swimming pool (shaped swimming pool pay more attention to leisure, beautiful, entertainment, more reflect the perfect combination of swimming pool in the environment Water interaction, people are happy to be happy, to have high quality of life requirements of people to provide more humane design, shaped swimming pool will be reflected most vividly.

B, according to its set of machine room, can also be called the traditional pool and modern pool (set for the family).

■ Circulation of the pool

Countercurrent, downstream and mixed.

■ Swimming pool circulating water treatment process description

Swimming pool from the main drainage through the return pipe, under the pressure of the circulating pump through the circulating water treatment equipment for filtration, disinfection, heating and other treatment. Circulation pump hair aggregator first hair and large floating objects in the water to intercept, so as not to entangle the pump impeller pump, water through the pump with the pressure after adding coagulant, coagulation reaction occurred in the pipeline, the water suspended matter Agglomeration, resulting in "alum", by high-speed filter filter retention. The filtered water is partially heated by the heat exchanger, mixed with another part of the pool, then added to the disinfectant, to kill the bacteria in the water, to maintain a certain amount of residual chlorine, and add a certain algae to avoid algae make the water green, Adjust the PH value, and finally the pool water back to the pool. The above is a mature pool of circulating water treatment process.

■ Swimming pool equipment requirements

1. Swimming pool design beautiful, building area is spacious, the top of the tall, ceiling and wall glass should be a large area of good lighting.

2. Bottom of the bottom set of low-voltage explosion-proof lighting, the bottom full of tiles, surrounded by overflow overflow sink.

3. Sub-deep water area and children's leisure area, deep water depth of not less than 1.8m, children's leisure area depth of not more than 0.48m.

4. Equipped with automatic water disinfection circulation system and heating facilities

5. Poolside full of non-immersion green carpet, set up loungers, chairs table, large potted pots dotted the meantime.

6. Equipped with a certain number of parasols.

7. Access to the swimming pool with a dedicated access channel, the population at the feet feet disinfection pool.

8. Pool area facilities and facilities, beautiful and comfortable, intact, its intact rate of not less than 98%.

■ supporting facilities requirements

1. Next to the swimming pool, there are male and female dressing rooms, shower rooms and toilets with the corresponding level of reception.

2. Dressing room with lock locker, hanging hooks, hangers, shoe racks and benches.

3. Shower room separated from each other, with hot and cold double warm water nozzle shower curtain.

4. Toilet with isolation flush toilet, hanging bucket toilet, sink, large mirror and hair dryer and other health equipment.

5. The facilities of the wall, the ground should be covered with tiles or marble, with anti-slip measures.

6. There should be drinking water in the swimming area.

7. Selection and decoration of various supporting facilities Materials should be compatible with swimming pool facilities and equipment.

8. All kinds of ancillary equipment intact rate of not less than 98%.