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Decoration Villa Swimming Pool Decor The Treatment Of The Inner Wall Of The Pool
- Jun 13, 2017 -

Decoration Villa Swimming Pool Decor The treatment of the inner wall of the pool

Every summer in the past, the pool venue will prepare for the next summer, all autumn and winter is the pool season. The decoration of the swimming pool looks simple, but it also contains some professional issues, in preparation for decoration before, we have to be a preliminary understanding. Beijing excellent and good joint building materials engineers for us to introduce: swimming pool renovation project, mainly the pool floor and pool wall processing, after completion, and then add water recycling equipment. So the first to solve is the choice of the pool floor, Europe and the United States developed from the mid-90s, whether public swimming pool or private swimming pool has all the new PVC material pool floor, not only beautiful appearance, foot comfort. And easy installation, anti-skid performance, effective for the swimming pool to save a lot of manpower and material resources, while putting an end to a lot of slippery to fall events.

In recent years, the drop in the swimming pool showed increasing trend, especially the elderly and children in the pool side of the report is frequently reported in the newspaper, in September this year, Shenzhen TV reported a result of the wet floor of the pool caused by the wet The venue of the female cleaners accidentally fall in the water killed by the safety accident. Summer past, but also to the swimming pool decoration season, your pool floor safe? In the pool of swimming pool decoration works, non-slip ground is an important part. A pool of renovations, non-slip flooring laying up nearly half of the works. At the same time, due to the particularity of the pool, the requirements for the floor floor is not the same. First of all, the pool floor will need to consider its safety performance. What is the safe floor of the pool? First of all, must be related to the anti-slip coefficient of the pool floor, to meet the national standards have anti-skid effect. It is understood that the current swimming pool floor skid is generally divided into three categories, one is the traditional anti-skid tiles,

Second, in the original ground plus anti-skid pad, the other is the laying of non-slip floor. In these three kinds of anti-skid form, the first two ways or the last century 90's product, not only can not do real anti-skid, and the product itself, has a short life, construction inconvenience and other defects, and non-slip floor is the most Mainstream non-slip products, compared to the other two, it can do the true sense of non-slip. Peking University Natatorium, National Grid Training Center Natatorium, National Olympic Sports Center (Beijing Yingdong Swimming Pool) and Qingdao Sports Center Natatorium and other large venues are now using the international advanced safe and safe non-slip floor, not only Can prevent the swimmer in the pool slipping and other security incidents, and because of the new non-slip floor fashionable variable color choice, the swimming pool plays a decorative role, so that the swimming pool looks particularly high-end.

A standard pool, you need to install nearly two thousand tons of water. Swimming pool wall must be waterproof, in order to ensure clean water, no loss. In the eighties and nineties of last century, most of the domestic swimming pool, tile, mosaic and so do waterproof inner wall, over time, waterproof effect will be affected.