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Decoration Villa Swimming Pool Decor Continuously Circulate
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Decoration Villa Swimming Pool Decor Continuously circulate

Conceptually, the swimming pool is very simple, is a large pool of water. However, in the hot summer months, the swimming pool seemed to be the greatest invention known to mankind. In fact, the ordinary pool used a lot of advanced technology, and the number may be much more than you think.

In this article, we will show you how to build a swimming pool and will also show you how the piping system that keeps the water clean and chemically balanced.

Swimming pool basics

The swimming pool is shaped and sized, but from the backyard private pool to the water park surf pool, almost all the basic working principle of the pool is the same. The swimming pool uses a combination of filtration and chemical treatment to keep the water clean.

The apartment building in the pool: it looks like a dunk on the ground, but in fact it is much more complicated.

  The basic working principle of the swimming pool is to continuously circulate the pumping: from the pool to the filter and chemical treatment system, and then back to the pool. In this way, the suction system can make the pool of water more clean, basically no sludge, garbage and bacteria. Some of the swimming pools also have heaters that keep the water temperature constant.

Drainage systems, pumps and filters

We already know that the water inside the swimming pool needs to flow through the filtration system to remove the sludge and rubbish. During normal operation, the water flows through the two or more main drains at the bottom of the pool and a plurality of skim drains around the top of the pool into the filtration system.

The main drain is usually located at the lowest point of the pool, ie the entire pool is tilted towards the main drain. Most of the precipitated sludge and garbage are discharged from the pool through these drains. To prevent people's hair or limbs from catching into pipes, these drains are almost always covered with a grid or anti-vortex cover (to make the water flow to the lid, to prevent the formation of dangerous whirlpool).

The skimmer is pumped in the same way as the main drain, but they are pumped only from the surface of the pool (usually 3 mm at the top). All floating garbage (such as leaves, sunscreen, hair) are discharged from these drains. The following diagram shows a common pool drainage system.

In the system described herein, the weir (the door at the inlet channel) can swing back and forth, allowing only a very small amount of water to enter at a time. In order to ensure the efficiency of intercepting garbage, the weir leaves only the surface of the water. When the water flows through the filter basket, the filter basket will block all the larger trash, such as branches and leaves. In addition to the main inlet pipe, skimmer also has a sub-balanced pipe, connected to the water under the drain. If the water level is lower than the main inlet pipe plane, the secondary balance pipe prevents the skimmer from pumping the air into the pump system.