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Decoration Traps
- Dec 13, 2016 -

Due to the large building structures, construction gaps, lack of some consumers ' cognition on concealed works, did not do in the special terms of the contract, often this "face".

Concealed work in the renovation budget is one of the most important construction element. If decoration company in a bid too low, most likely was a "trap" in construction "Jerry-built". In fact, every quote home decor company, hydro-electric projects are listed after a single modification fees received in advance, the final settlement subject to the actual number.

The crux: hidden works two Achilles

Concealed works of quite a few problems, mainly the renovation team construction standard, seemingly unremarkable, some caused by actually omitted the very important steps.

Concealed engineering problems in materials used and construction technology of both, such as construction workers in accordance with the relevant provisions of pipework after water injection, compression, check for run, run, drip, leak and other programs directly to completion while the owners in foreclosure, it is difficult to check, once a problem, owners had to reinvent the pipeline.

Strategy: first look at the site and then selected company

"Site to pick companies" is the best way to choose the decoration company

Some decoration companies in terms of single tube single track system improvement of hydroelectric power, with diameter of 10 mm diameter. Previous pipe diameter is 16 mm, needs to cut about 22 mm in the wall, so that the wall bars can easily be interrupted or cracked. Benefits of using 10 mm in diameter, one of which is only one thread in the root canal, solves one pipe several lines when wiring damaged need to take the trouble to check; the second is the diameter of the only intact new wires, joints or tie a knot in the line there is not past, avoiding the old line.