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Decoration Space Decoration Decoration
- Sep 19, 2017 -

decoration Space decoration decoration

What is the difficulty of office decoration? Office decoration design 3 difficult!

What is the difficulty of office decoration? What is the difficulty and focus of office design in that? This is a designer often have to face the problem, a good design not only to design a good job, but also the details do, this is the professional designer of the necessary cultivation, and these not only need to know the designer, decoration The boss also need to understand these difficulties, the following detailed analysis of the difficulties for the office, with a look at it 1, general manager of the office decoration design one of the most difficult aspects. In a company, the general manager of the office decoration is the decoration of the more important one, it is the key to business success. In principle, it should be behind the office, like the army of the command, behind command and dispatch. On the contrary, it will produce the phenomenon of Lao Jun Yi Chen. General manager of the office decoration should reflect the "set the wind gas to me as the center" principle. At the same time, good lighting, the environment should be quiet and ventilated.

People have the instinctive demand for color harmony. The color affects a lot of people's emotions and attention, harmonious colors make people positive, clear, relaxed and happy; discordant color is the opposite, it makes people feel negative, depressed, heavy, fatigue. Now, the color range chosen by the office is more and more diverse, and of course the choice of these colors depends on the vision and feel of each space. In contrast, bold colors, such as beating red and orange, will make space create a cheerful, vibrant atmosphere.

Natural lighting relative to the artificial lighting, it is more popular. On the one hand because the natural light source energy saving, in addition to natural light, but also improve work efficiency. Now one of the trends in office design is to set aside a special space, so that as much as possible natural light into the same time can also be equipped with tall windows, skylights and atrium and so on. For other light sources, upside-down lamps and LED lighting are very popular because they are more energy efficient and more durable than standard fluorescent lamps.

Office decoration, generally there will be a spacious hall, you can leave the customer a strong visual impact. The lobby is equipped with exquisite lighting and a high-end reception, while the number of guest seats is less, making it particularly eye-catching.

Compared to any time ago, commercial enterprises are looking to create a more efficient work space to cope with fierce market competition. Office decoration more and more attention to mobility, quality, flexibility and durability, but also more and more use of more advanced system furniture. Ergonomic chair demand is growing, it is because it reduces the staff pressure and injury may be, while enhancing the comfort and sitting, and this has a great impact on staff efficiency.

With the continuous progress of modern technology, the speed of information technology devices also contributed to the rapid development of commercial communications infrastructure. In the office decoration decoration, advanced fiber optic cable, shared broadband to speed up the sending and receiving e-mail, surfing and data upload and download speed, computerized communication and information storage technology has become very sophisticated, smaller and smaller High-performance computers are becoming more and more standard. In the office space decoration more and more attention to the times at the same time, we must pay attention to safety factors.