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Decoration Quotation Data
- Oct 11, 2017 -

Decoration Quotation data

The office decorates a client when the consulting office is decorated, the most attention is the price, ask to ask how much money to decorate the price first. But general customer asked this time, the designers to provide an accurate quotation data, because decorate office quotation is decided to decorate a budget, according to the quotation scheme in decorate area, we do not know how, what style, should use what kind of material, and the grade of the decoration, is unable to accurately answer decorate an accurate quotation. Today, I will give you some information about the factors that influence office decoration. Material prices are the basis

First of all, content with rare for expensive, producing area, or sparse material, will naturally is more expensive than locally or common material, the second is the quality of the materials themselves, the quality of a material is solid, aging period time relatively expensive, on the other hand, is relatively cheap; This is one of the factors that influence the price of materials; Once again the brand, famous brand, reputable products or materials are more expensive than the materials of the nameless factory.

Ii. Construction management influences the price

Good materials, good construction personnel, must have the engineering construction link strict management, excellent construction management personnel, construction is the ultimate implementation of home decoration, there's not a good construction, it is a good design and high quality of material also can't provide consumers with satisfactory service. A project without a good construction manager, even good materials and good builders cannot have high quality engineering. The construction process itself is a complicated process, the family decorates the working face of the work, the cross operation of each work, the sequence of the process is crucial to ensure the quality of the construction. Please pay more for such a formal decoration company. These fees are also reflected in the price, so the construction management also affects the price.

3. Different prices are different

The process mentioned here refers to the construction level and production level of the construction personnel. Under the condition of the same material, the craft is very important factor in the workers, it directly affects the quality of the decoration, even in case of discount promotion methods, construction technology and construction technology can't discount. Good craft, well-trained workers, some charge natural high, on the other hand is lower, so in the face of the prices, especially want to ask qing dynasty construction personnel level and class, the other is employment, employment in the more, the higher the price. The size of the company affects the price

Good decoration company to have a fairly high qualification and has a certain scale, equipped with various department is relatively complete, individual pre-sale, sale, after-sales service, all these need a fee, these costs will reflect on price. While the scale of the guerrillas "decoration" is impossible, they all is the boss, designers, and budget, construction management, material procurement, construction workers find a few fellow, a pump, an electric hammer, a hammer and saw. Prices are naturally low, but quality is not guaranteed.