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Decoration Professional Decoration Knowledge
- Aug 02, 2017 -

Decoration Professional decoration knowledge

Slow work out of fine work, decoration is not a short period of time can be done on the matter, in the decoration process, a lot of details need all the owners of the control, in order to maximize the avoidance of decoration regret. Following Xiaobian followed to understand some of the professional decoration knowledge, look at the decoration of the ten "do not" what are you, you must pay attention to the Oh Do not: get the house to start

Many owners to get the house began to renovate, in order to stay in the shortest possible time to live in new homes, did not take into account the room of the special, style and decoration, decorative materials, all to the decoration company, he is only kept urging the duration The

Decoration industry is fast that we can not imagine, and decoration materials also need to be with the house "run", so before the decoration is best to stay for some time, slowly consider the style of the house design, decoration materials, decorative items, More to see more to ask more, for the decoration company should also carefully selected, shop around.

Two do not: the same style of housing

A set of residential with the same decorative style is very harmonious, but different spaces have different use of the function, the user is not the same, so do not all the rooms all use the same decorative style and decorative materials, Make the house lack of fun and change, become dull boring.

Entrance, living room, master bedroom, guest bedroom, elderly room, children's room and other space should be based on functional use and user focus, public space can be made in the visual and style of the article, the decoration of the room should be user-oriented The

Home decoration 10 "Do not" let the decoration to regret!

Three do not: decoration primary and secondary regardless

Some owners decorate regardless of primary and secondary, all the space are treated equally, with the same material and style, or in unnecessary space to spend too much energy. Decoration, should be focused, such as the living room to highlight the hospitality, warm atmosphere; kitchen and toilet space because every day will be used many times, so pay special attention; use less space decoration can be simple, only a small amount of ornaments and Furniture can be decorated.

Four do not: no cultural atmosphere

A house of decoration to reflect the owner of the cultural accomplishment and hobbies pursuit, that is, we usually say "style", no culture is a terrible thing, if the full copy of the decoration on the album, all kinds of magnificent decoration, Or exaggerated modern objects, not from the cultural background, that is, the tiger does not become anti-class dogs.

Decoration is the need for culture, want to make the whole family in harmony, it is necessary to distinguish between different style attributes, Chinese is Chinese, Western is Western, modern decoration style can be properly added to other elements, but do not put too much. So that it seems cumbersome redundant.

Five do not: buy only you do not buy right

Some owners only buy expensive to buy expensive to buy, to luxury as a decoration preferences, resulting in budget overruns, buy furniture can not match with the home improvement style, proper upstart tastes. Home improvement style must meet their own hobbies, lifestyle, can not be between the model or a decoration style as their own decoration reference, home is the place of life, should be comfortable mainly.