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Decoration Precautions
- Jun 22, 2017 -

Decoration Precautions

Note the editor


1. shoe cabinet partition do not do the head, leaving a little space so that the shoes can be gray to the bottom of the drain, sink and gas stove above the installed lights. Set the location of the toilet floor drain must first think good, good size. Floor drain is best located on the side of the brick, if the middle of the brick, then no matter how tilted brick, floor drain will not be the lowest point.


Air conditioning sockets are not designed switch, especially the bathroom electric water heater, with a two-stage switch with a plug is appropriate. If you want to turn off the electric, pull the plug is dangerous.

3. on the side of the tile part of the treatment method

In the final analysis is to see the level of workers. If the mud workers level is good, and grinding tiles of the tool is better, it should not hesitate to choose the practice of grinding 45 degrees angle. From the effect point of view, as long as the grinding of the good, grinding angle of 45 angle angle is the most beautiful. If the level of workers is not how, then you still choose to use the angle bar, because the grinding of the 45-degree angle is not as good as the effect of the use of positive angle.

4. Drain the water pipe after the water pressure test

The plumbing of the plumbing pipe is also very important when testing. We must be present, and the test time at least 30 minutes or more, the conditions permit, the best one hour. 10 kg pressure, and finally no reduction can be passed before.

5. When packing the steel door, be sure to count the size of the protruding wall of the steel door frame

When packing steel doors must be considered a good plastic steel door frame protruding wall size, inform the installation staff, making the last door frame and paste the tile wall is flat, so both beautiful and good health.

6. carpentry of the package door and the mud with the tile with the cooperation

The carpentry's door and the mason's tiles are also to be matched, and when the door is covered, consider the following ground (any side of the door on both sides of the door) whether it is to be tiled or other cement mortar leveling things.

7. Underneath the mattress and the bed must be breathable

Under the mattress and bed board must be breathable. Bed board is generally the best with fir board.

8. Make paper as much as possible with paper tape.

9. to buy lamps to pay attention

Generally try to use glass, stainless steel, copper or wooden (shelf), and generally do not buy what iron plating on what other plating ah, what kind of paint ah, easy to fade.

10. Wash basin as far as possible with ceramic pots, glass pots difficult to engage in health.

11. Hydropower transformation to plan their own good

Hydropower transformation to plan their own, asking them to open a straight line to open Cao. Looking at their own lines, all according to the painting line open Cao. Each one must own acceptance Caixing.

12. waterproof must be done, we must try the water.

13. The construction agreement should be written in black and white

A lot of construction in the verbal agreement became a checkout when the slaughter of the gap, must be written in black and white, increase or decrease the project must be the price asked, write out.

14. If the ground floor, the ground must be re-smooth to do the cement layer.

15. kitchen door, or to decorate the woodworking wooden doors as well.

16. Install the power plug as much as possible in the living room.

17. outside the shower or to do the partition.