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Decoration Modern Sense
- Sep 27, 2017 -

decoration Modern sense

First, highlight the sense of office decoration order

The order in the design is the repetition of the form, the rhythm of the shape, the integrity of the shape and the simplicity of the form. Office design is also the use of this basic theory to create a quiet, peaceful and clean environment. Order sense is an essential element of office design. To achieve the purpose of the order of the office design, the surface involved is also very broad, such as the unity of the furniture style and color; flat layout of the regularity; cut high and low size and color material uniform; ceiling smoothness and wall without flowers Qiao decoration; reasonable indoor color and flow of the guide and so on. Office decorations are closely related to the order, it can be said that the order in the office design plays the most critical role. Second, reflect the office decoration pleasure

So that the office gives a sense of pleasure is the basic requirements of the design, office environment is bright, the office environment is clean and bright colors, light layout is reasonable, there is plenty of light, which is the office of the functional requirements of the decision. Office decoration in the decoration of the bright colors can give a pleasant mood, giving a sense of clean, while bright, fast tones can also increase in the daytime indoor lighting. At present, there are many designers will be more light green into the office, this design often gives a good visual effect, thus creating a spring, which is a sense of pleasure in the indoor creative means. Third, planning office decoration modern

At present, many enterprises in our office, in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas, office decoration to strengthen democratic management, often using shared space - open design, this design has become a modern new office features, it formed a modern office space concept. Modern office design also focus on the study of office environment, the introduction of the natural environment indoors, green indoor and outdoor environment, to bring the office environment, this is another feature of modern office. The emergence of modern man-machine, so that office equipment in the requirements of man-machine requirements under the increasing and perfect, office of the scientific, automated work has brought great convenience to mankind. We make full use of ergonomic knowledge in the design, and the office decorations are designed according to specific functional and dimensional requirements. These are the basic elements of the design and the basic elements of the room design. Fourth, the office space as a whole scientific planning

Beautiful, practical and safe, office decoration office furniture also more than a situation to create a complete environment with the planning. Office decoration in the design, the first "ergonomic" concept, widely used in office furniture, and to assist customers to the office planning, fully consider the integration of OA equipment, environmental landscape design, office decoration line planning and use efficiency management, Network, lighting, noise handling and collocation ... and so on. The idea is to "the overall planning system of the office", hoping to combine high-quality products and a well-planned environment, to create a perfect office space, not only for customers to improve work efficiency, but also enhance the overall corporate image.