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Decoration Low Carbon Decoration Raiders
- Jul 04, 2017 -

Decoration Low carbon decoration Raiders

Low carbon decoration Raiders:

Raiders 1: scientific decoration design

In the case of ensuring that the interior space, color and connotation are well reflected, the design of the environment should take into account whether the selected materials are environmentally friendly, whether the dosage is reasonable, whether there is air circulation in the room, and whether there will be light pollution. Avoid blind pursuit of luxury decoration.

Raiders 2: carefully selected decoration materials

The face of the market variety, different names of the decoration materials, one is to buy building materials or furniture do not map cheap, as far as possible to the regular market or supermarket to buy; Second, please buy products on the product labeled safety and health certification mark, When the purchase to the dealer to meet the new standard test report; Third, let the operator in xxxx stated product name, hazardous substances limited, grade and other content; Fourth, the use of materials to try to leave some small pieces of the sample, Can be used as evidence.

Raiders 3: rigorous construction process

By the current home improvement staff and equipment level restrictions, construction practices have a great impact on environmental quality, such as pavement composite floor should not be paved below the big core board. Market decoration companies mixed, consumers in the choice of their qualifications should be carefully investigated, select the formal home improvement company to ensure the quality of home improvement. At the same time, with the decoration company signed a home improvement contract with the best room air quality terms, once the decoration after the emergence of indoor air pollution problems, easy to maintain their legitimate rights and interests.

Raiders 4: furniture environmental protection can not be ignored

At present, individual furniture manufacturers to reduce costs, the choice of non-environmentally friendly materials, in the processing of sheet metal edge is not strict, often resulting in furniture on the indoor space pollution. Therefore, consumers in the choice of environmental home improvement, but also pay attention to whether the furniture is environmentally friendly.

Raiders 5: Do not rush to stay after the decoration

Should open the doors and windows ventilation for some time to speed up the release of harmful substances, shorten the release cycle. After the stay should also pay attention to ensure that the room has enough fresh air volume, in order to effectively avoid the occurrence of indoor environmental pollution.

Raiders 6: the best before you go through the national measurement certification

Indoor air quality testing with indoor air quality testing units, the indoor environment for testing, only when the test results lower than the national indoor environmental standards, can be assured to stay. The phenomenon of excessive compliance should be timely treatment, governance should be invited to the indoor environment professionals to guide, do not blindly choose to control products and management equipment. Principle 1: the number of the bathroom can not be more than the number of bedrooms!

Not only that, the concept of modern residential has been different from the past, the past stressed that the bedroom should be large, now is a small bedroom large living room, and even large bathroom (toilet). This is also easy to violate the traditional principles of anthropology. For example, some developers to meet some of the wealthy, the needs of the elite, deliberately made a great bathroom space. How big is it? High-end elite of the mansion, and some of the bathroom to the amazing point: a bathroom area can be as large as nearly 100 square meters. Bathroom inside the equipment readily available, what surfing, sauna, shower, pumping, vibration, drying, infrared and so on.