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Decoration Direction Of Development
- Jul 18, 2017 -

Decoration Direction of development

Change the direction of development to seize the core of competition

Household consumption changes, small and medium-sized home business only from the style, material competition has been "useless struggle", leaving the insiders do not feel the specific differences, let alone ordinary consumers, which undoubtedly increase the choice of ordinary consumers difficult, Which led to everyone do not want to see the results: price dispute. The market as an invisible big hands, in this wave of home shuffling tide, the rise and fall of home business are inevitable.

Living forever is the eternal topic of home entrepreneurs. Want to continue to develop, in addition to the home style of the control, should pay attention to material, details and marginalization of innovation, in addition to often design sense, how to tap the home more humane features and how to more scientific introduction of ergonomics. In addition, the current advocate healthy, recyclable environmental protection concept under the birth of the metal home much young people welcome. In view of this, the challenges of traditional solid wood home is now not only in the narrow sense of the internal, more is the transformation of market demand and process technology iteration. Small and medium-sized home enterprises to gradually play down the "style + solid wood" this root, more to think about how to innovate from different dimensions (material, function, etc.) to improve competitiveness and living space. This will be the future of small and medium-sized home enterprises in the core competitiveness.

Modular home rise

In March this year, Shangpin home with, Europe to send home, leather and other listed hot, once again set off a whole house custom wave. Custom home in the next few years will lead the new trend of home manufacturing, different from the traditional finished home, not only in the increasingly high prices on the full use of each inch of space, it is possible to achieve personalized home to achieve, but it is undeniable , Some of the longer vision of the traditional home business, will try to transform in the home custom, so custom home brands are more and more, the market cake has also been sharply carved up, the competition is becoming increasingly fierce, want to blaze in a red sea Blood is not simple.

Needless to say, the strong chain of funds home business has a very strong advantage, through the rapid absorption of industry professionals, to adjust the strategy to enter the custom home market, with a lot of money to fill all kinds of channels, brand promotion war. This is a strategy. Faced with this trend, small and medium-sized home business where the way out?

Home demand gradually from a single choice to personality custom cross, home modular design is based on the functional analysis of the home, based on the division and design a series of home function modules, the general module and special modules through the combination of standardized interface into a different Home to meet the diverse needs of the market design methods. Compared with the traditional design methods, home modular design presents many new features. From the production cost of time, the diversity of customer demand point of view, the future prospects of modular home increasingly clear. Modular design increases the flexibility, functionality, complexity, and space of the home, all of which are designed to reduce the design entropy.

2017 is a big family development year, all the family have gearing up, want to fist. Market development to bring new business opportunities, but not every business can adapt to the trend of the times, the family faces challenges and difficulties still. Want to maintain a stable development, and only continue to research and innovation, set the direction of future development in order to promote the further development of enterprises.