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Decoration Decorative Materials
- Oct 31, 2017 -

decoration Decorative materials

First, pay attention to the total price of the assessment

All units in the office decoration before the decoration of the total price of the assessment is an extremely important and can not be omitted in advance of the preparatory work, which is directly related to the effect of decoration and the rational allocation of the funds module. Worthy of your trusted office decoration company will promptly remind customers to do a detailed fund allocation issues in order to make the next office decoration process can not be budgeted and the allocation of funds evenly, only the Office of the decorative effect can be Very well reflected.

Second, pay attention to the choice of decorative materials

The choice of office decoration materials, whether it is on the health of the staff or their own life are inextricably linked directly. Regular office decoration company in the customer selection process will recommend customers to choose both environmentally friendly and quality of the office decoration materials, must not seek cheap desperate selection criteria outside the decorative materials. Exquisite and legendary office decoration materials not only to meet the visual effects, its health protection is also Anruo Taishan and impeccable. So in the office decoration process, we must pay attention to the choice of decorative materials.

Now the office decoration not only pay attention to the appearance of the effect, more importantly, whether it has a very good practicality and safety, so in the office decoration process to pay attention to the evaluation of the total price of decoration, while paying attention to the choice of decorative materials, which Is the office decoration process must pay attention to the two matters, its office decoration is able to achieve the desired effect has a very important direct impact. Among the many decorative elements, the color is the key part of the office decoration design. Reasonable scientific tone can not only make the office decoration design more perfect presentation, but also to highlight the corporate image, to provide staff work enthusiasm and efficiency. Let us take a look at the top of the office decoration design with the color of what tactics.

One bright and bright with light

Many of the office decoration design want to give people the impression of professional and professional, working in this office environment, staff efficiency and professionalism will be greatly improved. For this decoration needs, the use of white, beige and other light the most appropriate However, these light colors can increase the brightness of space, so that the whole space looks simple and focused.

Second, high-end luxury with gold

Golden is the color of the sun, with a strong eye-catching role and a sense of glory, the authority of the office decoration design using this color can highlight the overall space of the noble and brilliant. But once the use of gold inappropriate, it will produce a sense of vulgar. There are two solutions to this problem, the first can be more secure gold brown, the second choice of a decoration design reliable decoration company.

Third, highlight the calm with dark

For government enterprises, law firms and other types of office more need to give people a stable and reliable visual effects, in the color with the proposed selection of dark. Gray, brown, black and other large areas of color use, allows the entire space to calm down.