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Decoration Decoration Design To Have The Characteristics
- Aug 15, 2017 -

decoration Decoration design to have the characteristics

With the people now on the office environment of high quality and high pursuit of enterprises in the office decoration design when more and more attention to its spatial design layout of the rationality and convenience. At present, the open form of office design is gradually accepted and sought after, because the open office to facilitate the exchange of business between employees to learn, dilute the traditional split the kind of dry boring sense, the permeability of the whole space is better, But also strong and flexible layout at the same time flexible, but fly in the ointment is time to easily interfere with each other, privacy is poor, no matter what the advantages and disadvantages are coexist, for which we do open office decoration design time to let it have The following characteristics:

Open office decoration design to have the characteristics

1, each employee's office to have a certain degree of privacy, to ensure that employees have a spare time to relax their own decompression to do other things in small space to ensure that each station's privacy while also helping to improve staff The work efficiency, reduce the interference between the work process. So the open office is the space of the open station to have the characteristics of privacy.

2, the office stresses the quiet and comfortable environment and sense of order, so that not only can improve the efficiency of the office but also make the whole office environment looks more orderly, so the focus of the open office design is to do the layout of the planning, open Type office to have a strong sense of order.

3, open office design to reflect the strong permeability to enhance the brightness of the space to ensure that the vision of the open, in the visual has a very good expansion of the role, so open office need to do a good job cut off the use of open Office space in the partition and the use of glass partition the most.

4, in the staff of the office decoration design process to choose some accessories is also very important in the office space, the desk above the decorations placed, pay attention to whether the choice of color or type of choice, and the table Chair style consistent, so as to facilitate the use of the same time, but also to our office to bring a good image display effect.

5, now the office decoration design pursuit of fashion comfortable and humane, leisure has become a kind of office trends, which open the office with human nature, comfort, modern fashion and other characteristics, these features have won the love of young people now.

The last aspect is the choice of the desk, taking into account the nature of the work of the office staff, for many need to write on the desk, or, on the computer writing and working multiple tasks, in the office decoration when the choice of office can Consider the L-shaped or U-shaped desk, this way, you can effectively save the office space area, increase the use of the entire office area.