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Decoration Both Inside And Outside
- Sep 07, 2017 -

decoration both inside and outside

1. both inside and outside

  Because the kind of rental companies in a building, do not take into account the appearance of the building, but your company if it is a single building, it is not the same. Appearance is to some extent more important, but can not only one side, no matter what kind of style or theme characteristics, should look inside and outside the harmony. 2. Featuring visual sense

  Do not rule out some of the company's decoration with no decoration like this is usually based on the factory, if it is office, the basic decoration was more luxurious or full of personality, or a so big business, decoration is not to force ,This unscientific.

  3. Quality-based

  Data show that large enterprises on the cost of the requirements, is more biased in favor of quality, smaller companies may be on the material quality and visual requirements are not so high, practical cheap can. Decoration projects in those large enterprises, not only value the quality of materials, as well as the quality of the project, the designer level, so the final show is a big business should be the momentum. Decoration costs analysis, we have a reference.

First, the material price is the foundation

First of all, the material is rare, origin far, or relatively scarce material, naturally, than the local or common materials are more expensive, followed by the material itself is the quality, texture strong, long aging period Relatively expensive, otherwise, it is relatively cheap; this is one of the factors that affect the price of materials; again is the brand, brand name, good reputation products or materials than the nameless small plant material to be more expensive.

Second, the process of different prices are different

The process described here refers to the construction level and the level of production. In the same circumstances, the workers of the craft is a very important factor, it directly affects the quality of decoration, even in the event of discounts, construction technology and construction technology can not be discounted. Good technology, well-trained construction workers, asking price naturally higher, and vice versa on the lower, so in the face of the price, we should specifically ask the level of construction personnel and grade, the other is the use of labor, the more time, the price The higher the higher.

Third, construction management affect prices

With good materials, good construction personnel, but also the construction of the strict management of the construction, excellent construction management, construction is the final realization of home improvement products stage, there is no good construction, no matter how good design, and then high-quality materials Also can not provide consumers with satisfactory service. If a project does not have a good construction management staff, even if there are good materials and good construction workers can not have high-quality engineering. The construction process itself is a complex process, the home decoration work surface types of work, the various types of cross-operation, the order of the order to ensure the quality of construction are essential. Please such a formal decoration company will spend more costs, these costs will naturally be reflected in the price, so the construction management also affect the price.