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Decoration Beautify The Role
- Jun 06, 2017 -

Decorative zhuāngshì [Decoration; Ornament] from the modification of the role of beautification of the items, such as decorative renderings modeling contours and carving decoration; in the body or the surface of the object add some things to make it more beautiful.

Decoration [Decorate; Dress up; Embellish; Trim; Grace] refers to the ordinary people in daily life make-up dressing crash. - "Yutai new poems for Jiao Zhongqing"

The decoration is interpreted as an activity or industry that beautifies a particular building or interior in accordance with certain ideas and styles. Decoration in English can be abbreviated as "dec".

Decoration, "source" interpreted as "loaded, possession also, decorated, both into a text also." Refers to the surface of the artifacts to add decoration, color to achieve the purpose of landscaping.

Dress up;

"After the Han Yi Yi folk song Liang Hong": "(Meng Guang ﹞ and married, began to decorate the door.

North Qi Yan push "Yan family training wind exercises": "Jiangnan customs, children born a new clothes, bathroom decoration."

"Scholars" Forty Fortune: "Mr. Shen had to follow his daughter 's words, watching him decorate.

Wei Wei "Oriental" Chapter VI of the third chapter: "a small stage, after the red and green color of the decoration, it is very beautiful.


Tang Han Yu "and Chen to the book": "Looking for the" complex Fu "has been under the first ten volumes, roll the axis," send Mengjiao order "a raw paper to write, without decoration.

Ming Hu Yinglin "less room mountain pen and paper through the Council will pass three": "book half has been off, and the mark odd ancient, decorated are elegant."

Lu Xun "Letters to the source": "" table "can be passed, it is finally good, but for this translation, I do not want to decorate it.


Lu Xun "Letters of letters to Sun use": "bookstore for the decoration face, willing to first version does not make money."

Lao She "Four Generations" fifty: "He wants to hear what the Japanese say, to see the Japanese for the decorative arts and craftsmen face.

Shen Congwen "cattle": "They will speak, with words to decorate their own moral and kind, but also with words for benefits, although the benefits do not cost.

Refers to ornaments.

Lao She "": "The smell of the house is like a European family, but there is no clever little decoration.

Ai Qing "pointed" poem: "People demand the right to live, democracy should not be a decoration."


Ming Shende "wild was compiled by the cabinet of the three words of the people": "Another example is the eloquent of a ritual Lang, on the first emperor Zhu Shanyin twelve sins, the matter of the decoration is not enough."