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Construction Quality Management
- Dec 13, 2016 -

Quality is the life, the works without quality is shoddy construction, can not guarantee the quality will lose credibility, so it is a lifeline. Over the years, construction quality has been the issue of most concern, thus turning the Lok Ma people, which tells us not in a moment of time, temporary greed has ruined his life. Quality issues related to quality of materials, construction quality, and actually the two are inseparable, without strict quality control, there would be no good works.

Safety is the most important part of the construction, the first is life above all, no one can arbitrarily to deprive a person of his life, except as provided by law. So in construction have to ensure safety, security responsibilities, security is associated with benefit, ensuring safety would benefit. [4] safe working unremittingly, to speak every day, always say, persons for violations of safety procedures, educating will punish the chance you're welcome, cannot breed laziness of mood. Construction security concept is the benefit of construction works, who has lived as a closed, who will have a chance.