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Considerations For Concealed Works Of Decoration
- Dec 13, 2016 -

1, water supply and drainage engineering

Due to galvanized Guan Yi rust, scale, no insulation, and cracking will occur, will be phased out. Currently most used is aluminum plastic composite pipe, steel pipe, PPR pipe.

2, electrical utility engineering

Bad socket easy to cause an accident, recommended to the regular appliance store to purchase is appropriate. Electrical engineering, requirements specification, workers should be certified, in order to ensure safety and eliminate hidden dangers.

3, floor base

Whether it is wood flooring, plastic flooring or floor tiles, grass-roots requirements on the ground is smooth, strong and adequate strength and the surface is dry. According to the different paving materials, ground base treatment is also different.

4, wall base

Wall plate-flat and smooth. Practices are on the wall before another layer of cold oil, and then install the 30mm*40mm wooden keel, on the basis of nailed plywood and blockboard, plywood veneer finally nailed.

5, doors and Windows Base

First row of keel, and nail thin plywood or MDF, plywood nailed wood veneer surface. Notice Board notice to water immersion, so that for future expansion.

6, the ceiling base

Mainly refers to the binding on the keel and on this surface, as well as decorative surface. Ceiling cracks often appear, such as the use of flexible caulking Putty and attach nylon strap, you can improve the situation.