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Civil Engineering The Waterproof Problem
- Aug 02, 2017 -

 civil engineering  the waterproof problem

First, the waterproof problem

Civil engineering in addition to water in the basin more, the rest of the water is not much place, but civil engineering waterproof still have to pay attention. Civil engineering waterproofing is mainly to ensure that the location of the basin and the inclination of the ground. Basin is the most critical to do the interface of the waterproof, some owners that can be used to avoid this problem with the combination, it is not true. Plywood made of water can be ventilated to dry, but the combination of water will be inflated, easily lead to the surface of the fire board layer from the.

Due to different living habits, some owners of civil engineering at home and no leakage, so that the civil engineering does not need to do waterproof. If the civil engineering in the ground drain, you must do waterproof, and waterproof back to need to reach 300-400mm or so.

Second, the circuit problem

Civil engineering in the electrical, civil engineering circuit is also the focus of renovation. Circuit transformation in addition to the choice of excellent quality of the wires and pipes, if the civil engineering more electrical appliances, the best choice of 6 square millimeters of copper wire, so that the single line load up to 7500w, if the wire is 4 square millimeters, The circuit made of two loops, so that a single road can reach 5500w of electricity load.

Third, "anti-conventional" timber is not safe

"Anti-conventional" use of materials, such as the bright color of the wall tile broken shop in the bathroom floor, and then the color of the floor tile attached to the wall, so seemingly different, but the fact is neither scientific nor Safe, you know, wall tiles and tiles can not be mixed.

Indoor tiles are divided into wall tiles and floor tiles. Wall tiles are ceramic products, tiles are usually porcelain products, both from the clay ingredients to the firing process are very different, resulting in a completely different water absorption. Wall water absorption rate of about 10%, than the water absorption rate of only 1% of the floor brick several times higher.

Bathroom and civil engineering ground should be laid with low water absorption floor tiles, because the ground will often wash with plenty of water, so that tiles can not be affected by the impact of water vapor, do not absorb stains. Wall tiles made of glazed pottery, high moisture content on the back of the more rough, is conducive to adhesive sticky wall. Tiles are not easy to stick to the wall, the wall for the ground will be too much because of the water and become difficult to clean.

Fourth, the plane of the material selection

1, civil engineering ceiling is appropriate to use flat aluminum plate. It is not recommended to use PVC, plastic and other materials of the bar, easy to deform downwards.

2, civil engineering wall tile is easy to use bright glazed tiles. In the absence of designer guidance, available white, milky white. Do not use bones, dark and tiles.

3, civil engineering floor tiles must use anti-skid brick. Because civil engineering even if there is no water, it will be easier to greasy.