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Civil Engineering Survey
- Jun 06, 2017 -

Civil engineering (Civil Engineering) is the construction of various types of engineering facilities, science and technology collectively.

It refers to the application of materials, equipment and carried out by the survey, design, construction, maintenance, maintenance and other technical activities, but also refers to the object of construction. Construction, military, scientific research services such as buildings, roads, roads, railways, pipelines, tunnels, bridges, canals, dams, ports, and so on, which are built on the ground or on the ground, on land or in water, directly or indirectly for human life, Power stations, airports, offshore platforms, water supply and drainage and protection works.

The professional learning theory mechanics, material mechanics, structural mechanics, elastic mechanics, engineering mechanics, fluid mechanics, geotechnical mechanics and municipal engineering disciplines.

Course Setup Edit

Foundation Course

Higher mathematics, linear algebra, probability and mathematical statistics, civil engineering drawing, CAD, building mechanics, structural mechanics, college English and so on.

Main courses

Mechanics, structural mechanics, structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, soil mechanics, building materials, concrete structure and steel structure, housing structure, bridge structure, underground structure, road survey and design and roadbed structure, construction technology and management

Professional network education

Civil engineering (road and bridge)

Training objectives: The professional aims to cultivate the needs of modern construction, a solid basic theory and professional knowledge, have a strong practical ability to engage in road and bridge engineering design, construction organization management, management and other aspects of senior engineering and technical personnel.

Main courses: structural mechanics A, structural design principles (steel structure), basic engineering (bridge), civil engineering project management, engineering fluid mechanics, road survey and design, roadbed pavement works, steel bridge, concrete bridge, bridge design.