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Civil Engineering Professional Foreground
- Jul 04, 2017 -

Civil Engineering Professional foreground

Professional foreground editor

Civil engineering is very special and systematic. Because almost all of the civil engineers to design and construction of the structure are unique, it is impossible to appear two exactly the same building. Some buildings seem to be the same, but the site conditions of the building (foundation, wind load, earthquake load, etc.) are different. Large buildings such as dams, bridges or tunnels are completely different. Therefore, civil engineers are ready to cope with the new complex situation. However, the current includes Tongji Tsinghua southeast and other colleges and universities, including 985 colleges and universities, training programs there are serious problems, has been seriously out of touch with the actual work.

With the expansion of the scale of civil engineering and the resulting construction tools, equipment, machinery to more varieties, automation, large-scale development, construction increasingly mechanized and automated. At the same time organization and management began to use the theory and methods of systems engineering, increasingly to the scientific; some construction facilities continue to tend to structure and component standardization and production of industrialization. In this way, not only can reduce the cost, shorten the construction period, improve labor productivity, and can solve the special conditions of construction operations to build difficult projects in the past difficult to build. Civil engineering is one of the use of mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer information science and other basic scientific knowledge, mechanics, materials and other technical scientific knowledge and the corresponding engineering and technical knowledge to study, design and construction of industrial and civil buildings, tunnels and underground construction, Roads and urban roads and bridges and other engineering facilities.

Basic elements of editing

Importance and significance

The purpose of civil engineering is to create a space for human production or life, good function and comfortable and beautiful space and channel. It is both a material aspect and a symbolic spiritual aspect. With the development of society, the engineering structure is more and more large, complicated, super high-rise buildings, large bridges, giant dams, complex subway systems continue to emerge to meet people's living needs, but also evolved into a symbol of social strength The

The fundamental problem that civil engineering needs to be solved is the safety of the project, which makes the structure resistant to all kinds of natural or man-made forces. Any of the engineering structure to bear their own weight, and bear the use of load and wind power, humidity changes will also contribute to the civil engineering structure. In the earthquake zone, the civil engineering structure should also be considered to withstand the earthquake. In addition, the explosion, vibration and other human effects on the impact of civil engineering can not be ignored.

Questions and conditions

Materials are the basic conditions for the realization of civil engineering construction. The task of civil engineering is to give full play to the role of materials, in ensuring the safety of the premise to achieve the most economical construction, so the choice of materials, the number of civil engineering design process must be an important part of the problem.

The ultimate realization of civil engineering is the construction of the project required by the community, put into use. With the optimal design is not enough, but also need to become a reality blueprint. Therefore, it is necessary to study how to use the existing materials and equipment conditions, through effective technical means and organizational means to carry out construction.

Civil engineering is a systematic project, involving all aspects of knowledge and technology, is the use of a variety of engineering technology for survey, design, construction results. Civil engineering with the development of social science and technology and management level, is the technical, economic, artistic unity of the historical witness. The factors that affect civil engineering are both complex and complex, making civil engineering highly dependent on practice.