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Civil Engineering Historical Process
- Jun 22, 2017 -

Civil Engineering Historical process

History process editor

On the development of civil engineering play a key role, first of all as the basis of engineering materials, civil engineering materials, followed by the development of the design theory and construction technology. Whenever there are new and excellent building materials, there will be leap in the development of civil engineering.

People can only rely on the early soil, wood and other natural materials to create activities, and later appeared brick and tile this artificial building materials, so that the first time people broke through the natural building materials shackles. China in the eleventh century BC, the early Western Zhou Dynasty to create tile. The earliest brick appeared in the fifth century BC to the third century BC when the Warring States period in the tomb. Brick and tile have better mechanical properties than soil, which can be used locally and easily processed.

The emergence of bricks and tiles has led to the widespread and extensive construction of houses and urban defense projects. Thus the civil engineering technology has been rapid development. Until the 18th to the 19th century, in the two thousand years time, brick and tile has been an important building materials for civil engineering, made a great contribution to human civilization, has also been widely used.

The massive application of steel is the second leap in civil engineering. The use of pig iron in the seventies of the seventies began the construction of bridges and houses using wrought iron at the beginning of the nineteenth century, a prelude to the emergence of steel structures.

From the mid-19th century, the metallurgical industry smelting and rolling out the tensile and compressive strength are high, ductility is good, the quality of uniform

 Construction steel, and then produce high-strength steel wire, cable. So to adapt to the development needs of the steel structure to flourish. In addition to the application of the original beam, arch structure, the emerging truss, frame, grid structure, the cable structure gradually promoted, there has been the structure of flowers flourishing situation.

Building span from the brick structure, stone structure, wood structure of a few meters, tens of meters to the development of steel meters of 100 meters, a few hundred meters, until the modern kilometers above. So in the river, the bridge set up on the ground, built on the ground from the skyscrapers and towers, even under the ground laying the railway, to create an unprecedented miracle.

In order to meet the needs of steel structure engineering development, on the basis of Newtonian mechanics, material mechanics, structural mechanics, engineering structure design theory came into being. Construction machinery, construction technology and construction organization design theory also developed, civil engineering from experience to become science, in engineering practice and basic theory are a new look, thus contributing to the rapid development of civil engineering.