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Buy Villas Townhouses, How To Use The Sloping Roof To Embrace Whole-House Of Sunshine!
- Dec 13, 2016 -

In Hangzhou, an industrial estate in 19th century waterworks building was refurbished as large and spacious House. Designer's clever use of sloping roofs, and install a skylight, its features and highlights of the home at the same time, through the skylight and light into dark space bright and warm.

In the regular rectangular houses as residential, is huge garage-high on one side, the other side is the living space. Garage area, skylights in the roof space is abundant natural light.

Living space this side there are two entrances, a door with a door

The stairs. Internal wall dividing residential space in the ground floor, two space opened a sliding door. One space for the Hall and transport space, additional space as temporary use of space for the family.

Because in a House, and the other half used as a garage, so in order to increase daylighting, arranged a courtyard in the Middle at the top level, ensuring the building increased outdoor space as well as bi-directional lighting.

Primary living space in the attic. Top for skylights to introduce a lot of light is very bright, open kitchen and living room together.