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You have to know general knowledge of home decoration
- Dec 13, 2016 -

1, the season factor is a factor not to be ignored in repair construction considerations, is hot throughout the year for decoration are more or less affected, but home improvement season is mainly affected are the winter and rainy season.

2, room, lamp installation prior to the concept of a primary source and secondary source, primary light source refers specifically to a local space lighting, table lamps, floor lamps for reading, table lamp, decorative wall lighting with spotlights and more. Auxiliary light source, is almost central position lamps in each room, a lot of people in the decoration and arrangement of home, and do not have this concept.

Auxiliary light source is located in the center of the room location, Xiao bian recommended op led round the bedroom ceiling lamp with waning, it's appearance and taste, suitable for a variety of home styles, its smart dimmer palette design, more convenient to use.

3, embedded closets or other benefits many embedded in the wall cabinet, not only increases the space inside the Cabinet, and the Cabinet is simple and elegant. It should be noted that is, placed the Cabinet side walls, floors and cabinets must be horizontal and vertical, or when installing cabinets, will be hard to crack, barely filling the gap, Visual distortions, is very rough, technology is not fine, the effect will be greatly reduced, a set of expensive closet, will be destroyed by these little details.

4, water differs from decoration design, first of all to consider the safety and utility, and then the decorative effect. Hydroelectric design principle is able to move about, the still, dark is dark.

Owners of hydropower construction needs, designers from the House according to the specific situation of, energy-saving environmental protection → security → → → practical effect in order to take into account, as far as possible to meet needs of owners, but not unconditional satisfaction.

5, home improvement and construction is a big deal, about decoration construction considerations there are many, especially the change of seasons, can easily affect the decoration effect, therefore we cannot ignore it!