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Where is green building important direction
- Dec 13, 2016 -

Sound design is comfortable, economical, efficient and advanced unity, especially dealing with technical product have a reasonable understanding of the application. For example, the power consumption of the air conditioning energy consumption in China is increasing. According to statistics, air conditioning electricity consumption accounted for about 15% of the country's total electricity consumption; in the summer peak period, overall load of air conditioning load even up to the town of 40%, the number is still rising. Long time ago, the State has introduced the room air conditioner energy efficiency limit values of energy efficiency and rating, and the unit-type air conditioner energy efficiency limits and energy efficiency levels and the chiller energy efficiency limits and energy efficiency ratings and a series of related national standards for air conditioning energy efficiency. As a designer of the energy saving potential of new products and technologies should be fully aware that try to use high performance products, and have a clear understanding of the energy saving effect of these products should be.

If green energy-saving buildings in the design phase is only on paper, is the most grounded of the construction steps. At present, many buildings and even a green building project construction quality is not high, and out of touch and design, high levels of energy consumption in some buildings. For example, some construction units do not recognize valve in the piping system and the importance of the instrument, automatic valves prices are higher, and in the process so they try to reduce the number of valves and instruments to reduce the cost. Although these will not cause the pipeline stopped running, but operator does not reference meter data in the course of operation, size cannot be adjusted according to the valve, it will cause a serious waste.

After the construction, commissioning is more critical, but one of the problems. In this issue, Professor of Tsinghua University Li Xianting and other industry pundits have repeatedly emphasized, but industry is still not satisfactory. Their view is that only good debugging system to fully meet the requirements of, and running and energy saving. If system debugging is not reasonable, often used to increase system capacity to meet the design requirements, not only wastes energy and causes equipment wear and overloads.