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The State Council on strengthening the construction of urban infrastructure
- Dec 13, 2016 -

All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities, ministries and departments under the:

Urban infrastructure is functioning and healthy development of the material basis for improving the living environment, enhancing the city's comprehensive carrying capacity, improve efficiency, promoting new towns built, ensure that the 2020 comprehensive well-off society plays an important role. At present, China's urban infrastructure is still insufficient, the standard is not high, run extensive management problems. Strengthening the construction of urban infrastructure, promote economic restructuring and change of development mode, stimulating investment and consumption growth, increasing employment, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction. Strengthening and improving the construction of urban infrastructure, has now made the following comments:

Guiding ideology. To Deng Xiao-ping's theory, and "three a representative" important thought, and science development views for guide, around advance new town of of major strategy deployment, based Yu stability growth, and adjustable structure, and promoting reform, and improve people's livelihood, scientific research, and and manpower planning, upgrade City based facilities construction and management level, improve town of quality; deepening voted financing reform, full play market configuration resources of based sex role; to grasp both Lee current, and and Lee long-term of focus based facilities project construction, improve city integrated hosted capacity ; Ensure the urban safety, improve the ecological environment of urban human settlements, urban energy conservation and emission reduction, and promote the sustained and healthy development of economy and society.