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Road to PPP mode of construction enterprises in competing
- Dec 13, 2016 -

All start with changing the traditional mode of thinking

Faced with this round of PPP feast, construction enterprises must seize the opportunity, be careful with the. Construction Management Department of Tsinghua University Professor, Deputy Director of the Institute of international engineering project management, including construction companies, Wang Shouqing reminded of social capital: "need to be aware of is that ' there is no diamond, not embrace porcelain live ', if the products or services do not meet the Government's requirements, you may lose everything. "Construction companies to provide products that meet the requirements, the premise is based on the characteristics of PPP, changing the traditional way of thinking, on this basis, realize Railway (Shanghai) the PPP value of Peter Li, Deputy General Manager of investment thought ought to include" more capable enterprise. "

Change "party b" thinking to better adapt to new roles

Experts advise, in PPP projects, the construction enterprise should pay attention to change the traditional "b" thinking. China State construction engineering, infrastructure Division General Manager Zhao Guangjian emphasis in the investigation, PPP mode property determines the architecture as a social capital of enterprises and their roles radically changed from the builders of the past simply changes with my set for investment, construction, operation, such as an integrated service provider. This PPP mode of construction enterprises are already from the past "project for others" to "for their project" the deeper involvement of enterprises, participate in a stronger sense, accordingly, greater responsibility on the shoulders. To this end, the construction enterprises under the traditional "b" thinking to operational projects, negotiating with partners, must be based on the new role of full research and planning of the project, understand the real interests of the parties in cooperation led to consensus on their cognition and functioning together to maximize the value and objectives of the PPP's largest public interest.