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Premium quality of the sharp increase in the number of enterprises competitive construction market
- Dec 13, 2016 -

Recently, the housing and urban-rural development through official publicity 2016-the second batch approved by the Ministry of housing and construction Enterprise qualification request, relates to the qualification of 43 companies, 45.

Notable among them is related to special qualifications of 21, 20 new applications for premium quality, 1: enterprises apply for premium quality increase, publicity consent results 13.

Publication results do not agree with the 8 respectively to shun Yuan construction (Group) limited, 11 Bureau of the fifth Engineering Limited, Crown Shandong construction company limited, was built in eight innings for the first construction company, parkson United Construction Group Ltd, Anhui Luban construction investment group limited, shaping Construction Co Ltd, Hunan province, China energy group of Guangdong Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

Mainly focused on three aspects: 1) design not found; 2) corporate performance is not identified; 3), technical director of performance shall not be recognized.

While, January 16, 2016, housing urban and rural construction Department announced has on approved 2016 degrees first batch construction engineering enterprise qualification qualification list of announcement (People's Republic of China housing and urban and rural construction announcement 1029th,), announcement let national added 6 items Super qualification, which Shun Jay construction (Group) limited, and Anhui three built engineering limited for new application, that by a level qualification success promotion for construction construction total contracting Super qualification, in the iron 11 Council group limited, and In the iron 14 Council group limited, and in the iron 21 Council group limited, and in the iron 22 Council group limited for increased items, in the iron 11 Council, and in the iron 21 Council and in the iron 22 Council became railway engineering, and construction double super qualification enterprise, in the iron 14 Council group limited became national third home, and in the iron built system first three Super qualification enterprise, Super qualification cover railway engineering, and construction and municipal public engineering.