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Led the Commission to 940 billion PPP project home
- Dec 13, 2016 -

On October 20, the national development and Reform Commission, the Government of China jointly organized collaboration and social capital (PPP) project to promote videoconferencing. Jiangsu, Anhui, Fujian and other seven provincial development and Reform Commission at the meeting of the project promotion, a total of 287 projects, with a total investment of about 940 billion yuan, involving municipal, road, rail, airports, water conservancy, energy and other fields.

It was noted that the promotion was for private capital to build a stage, trying to arouse the enthusiasm of private capital, so that private capital "plays, and Opera", give full play to the key role of private capital in PPP mode. Meanwhile, the introduction of PPP projects, will provide a new impetus for the transformation and upgrading of private enterprise and directions for private enterprises to participate in infrastructure, public utility projects in the areas of opportunities to provide more convenient.

Affected by various factors, PPP model in the process encountered a number of difficulties and problems, especially private capital participation is not high enough, a number of PPP projects, participation of social capital in State-owned enterprises, private enterprises ' involvement.

China Center for international economic exchanges of economic research Minister Xu Hongcai told the securities times, said in an interview, many projects lower returns on investment, lack of strong attraction of private capital. The complexity of some government departments for PPP operation process awareness is not enough, services provided are not in place, a comprehensive compensation mechanism has not been established, resulting in no stable expected private capital, lack confidence in PPP projects, the involvement of private capital is not high.