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Housing and urban-rural construction Thirteen-Five planning framework published
- Dec 13, 2016 -

"Thirteen-Five" is build a well-off society in the period to win stages, housing and urban-rural construction faces more of a challenge, the heavy task of reform and development.

From the perspective of urbanization, in 2020 China's population urbanization rate will reach 60%. With new industrialization, and information, and town of, and agricultural modern and green of of collaborative continued advance, "area way" construction, and Beijing Jin JI collaborative development, and Yangtze River economic with construction, strategy of in-depth implementation, China development of space pattern will further expand and optimization, urban and rural economic social structure will occurred deep changes, on urban and rural planning, and construction, and management work proposed update more high of requirements. As the focus of economic development of housing and urban-rural construction areas, important aspects of social development, to actively adapt to grasp the new normal economic development, housing and urban-rural reform and innovation throughout the whole process of development of construction and strive to promote the supply side of structural reforms, improve the quality and efficiency of development, boost economic growth, improving people's well-being.

From the perspective of city, urban development promote the development of economy and society as a whole, is an important engine of modernization of urban construction. City is the center of economic, political, cultural and social activities in the party and the country plays an important role in the global. The urban development in China has entered a new period of development, we should profoundly understand China's economic and social development, an important role in improving people's livelihood, from coordination to promote "four comprehensive" strategy, achieving "two 100 year" goal height, from carrying out innovation, coordination, green, open, shared the concept of height, solid to do city work.