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Focus areas to promote urban infrastructure upgrade
- Dec 13, 2016 -

At present, to focus on improving people's livelihood and to ensure urban security, investment-driven effects distinct focus areas, speed up the transformation and upgrading of urban infrastructure, to enhance the level of urban infrastructure.

(A) strengthen the urban traffic infrastructure.

Public transport infrastructure. Encourage qualified cities in accordance with "honest and orderly development" principle, promote the construction of subways, light rail and other urban transit systems, play a role as the backbone of public transport such as subway, drive for urban public transport and the development of related industries. By 2015, the national rail traffic count operation a total of 1000 kilometers. Positive development of large-capacity public transport on the ground, accelerating the dispatch Center, parking, maintenance, the first and last station and docking station construction; promote transfer hubs and charging, charging station, public parking and other supporting services infrastructure, their integration into the urban transformation of the old city and new city construction planning implementation simultaneously.

Road and bridge construction and transformation of the city. Accelerate the improvement of urban road network system, enhance the density of the road network, improve network connectivity and accessibility of urban roads. City bridge detection and reinforcement and rectification security risks. Speeding up the construction of urban bridge information systems, strictly implement the safety management system, guarantee safe operation of the roads and bridges of the city. Each city should complete as soon as possible urban bridge safety and timely publication of results by 2015, strive to complete the national reinforcement of dangerous bridge of the city, prefecture-level city bridge information management systems.

Pedestrian and bicycle traffic system. Urban transport to establish the concept of pedestrian priority, improve travel conditions, ensure travel security, promote green travel. , Cities should build pedestrian, bicycle, set "green ways" to strengthen the pedestrian crossing facilities, bicycle parking facilities, roads, tree-lined green building, lighting and other facilities to change the transport development of excessive dependence on car travel patterns.