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Beijing will be built underground comprehensive pipe Gallery scientific planning and avoid opening zip
- Dec 13, 2016 -

According to learned from the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission, the city will build underground comprehensive pipe Gallery, water, electricity, gas, heat and other departments of the tube network in the same underground corridors, make Beijing roads are no longer repeated excavation with "zip".

In Beijing, water, sewage, electricity, communications, radio and television, heat, gas, industrial 8 pipeline facilities buried deep underground. According to municipal City Board statistics, the city underground pipeline length total over 150,000 km, only well cover on over 2 million a, but City Planning Board related head said, the city had in 1964, and 1976 and 1986 points three times organization has underground pipeline of census, this three times census total measurement pipeline for 5088 km, and municipal City Board statistics of 150,000 km total length far, once encountered burst event Shi, emergency, and rescue personnel missing necessary of data.

In 2015, after the Census of the last 29 years, the city's six districts and suburbs Metro area a total of 3400 square kilometer area of the underground pipeline information census, drawing detailed maps of two-dimension, three-dimension network, Setup the underground pipeline of the integrated management information system to achieve integrated planning and management of urban underground space. This means that the city will build an integrated underground pipelines management information system, no matter when in the planning, construction, operation and emergency, do not have family to ask what's the pipeline underground. Furthermore, the integrated management information system and the professional pipeline information system in accordance with the uniform data standards, achieve the immediate exchange of information, sharing, and dynamic updates. "This system will be integrated with the digital city management system, smart city. "The relevant person in charge, this image will be used for planning, construction, operation and maintenance, emergency preparedness, public service-wide.